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"The hype around this book has been unquestionable and, admittedly, that made me both eager to get my hands on it. It was a joy to read and extremely helpful!"

"I can’t imagine how challenging it would be to tackle the obstacles of that nature, but I do know that La Kadron did it with a finesse only a true child of God like herself possibly could. With an unapologetically realistic delivery packed with emotion, this was a fantastic read!"

"Mrs. Ivery-Shabazz deserves the attention for this book. She is canny about the way she explains what and how God is talking to her. She is simply giving us a way to connect with ourselves and a way to connect with our Lord as well without being pushy or rude. She’s a maestro in her ability to fill in the gaps for us. I look forward to her next book!"

"This book is amazing, easy to follow, and SO MUCH MORE. I know 100% that The Power of the Tongue will be one of my best reads of 2021."

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